Taylor swift dating conor kennedy

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“She is just spectacular,” Ethel Kennedy, Conor’s grandmother, said at the RFK golf tournament at the Hyannisport Club on Oct. “She’s just sensational inside and out.” When asked if her grandson, 18, has taken a liking to Swift, 22, Ethel replied, “Yes! I think the world has.” Last month, a source in Swift’s circle told PEOPLE that the singer, 22, is “head over heels into” Conor, adding, “[She] is on cloud nine. She thinks she is in love.” And, it seems, Swift will do a lot for love. She came up several weekends this summer and she was a complete participant in every single thing with our large and active family,” Kerry told PEOPLE in an interview Monday.

RELATED: Taylor Swift: I Did Not ‘Kidnap’ Conor Kennedy “You know what she really is? She had never sailed before; she sailed,” Ethel continued. “If somebody said, ‘Lets go sailing,’ she jumped on the boat.” Swift’s charm, Kerry says, extends beyond the high seas.

And on July 29, they lunched with friends at Baxter’s on Cape Cod where she ate chicken fingers and sat next to Kennedy.

“We’re jumping off the boat to swim to the break walls, holding everybody’s hands and jumping, singing, dancing, laughing, drawing pictures with everybody from the 2-year-old to my mother,” she continued. And she’s a star in our family because she is a lovely, sweet, fabulous human being.” But will Conor fit it Swift’s world?The country singer is famously unlucky in love and writes songs about her failed relationships, which include a string of flirtations with celebrities such as John Mayer, Jake Gyllenhaal, Joe Jonas, Cory Monteith and Taylor Lautner.People may talk about Taylor Swift and Conor Kennedy’s whirlwind romance, but it’s clear that the superstar singer has won over the people who count the most – her boyfriend’s family. “She’s wonderful, we’re all so happy that she’s our neighbor in Hyannis Port."Taylor is officially dating Conor Kennedy," a source confirms to Us Weekly.(Swift was previously linked to Conor's cousin Patrick Schwarzenegger after she was photographed hanging with the model with the Kennedys on July 4.) It has been a tragic, tumultuous time for young Conor, whose troubled mom Mary Kennedy hung herself in the family's estate in Bedford, New York in May.

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