Playing hard to get online dating

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On an online dating site, men don’t loose status for a failed approach.

Unlike at a nightclub, or god forbid social circle party, where after shooting a guy down, she’s likely to signal to friends that she has judged him an outsider.

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Dating is more like a game, no matter how much we glorify it with books, songs, and films.

Men have often complained of the opposite sex of playing hard to get. Evolution has put women at a considerable advantage in a way that they won’t have a problem getting partners.

Men however, were given the enormous task of wooing and pursuing, not to mention the competition from other guys.

Males do a little dance, and females get to decide if they like it. Men make lots of approaches, because women in general play hard-to-get chooser. Online or offline, a man making lots of attempts is perceived as “try hard” behavior to a women, which signals lower status.

When it comes to dating online, men & women really are on 2 different planets, with an entirely different experience. So let’s break this numbers game thing down to basics; Like much of the animal kingdom, the mating game is decidedly old school.

She needs to know if you are genuinely interested in her and that you’re not just some sloppy, needy drunk who merely wants a one night stand.

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And putting up a big number of attempts is the only way to have that.

I believe that deep down, women just want to feel special.

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