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Fun people are interesting – they tend to have diverse interests that they enjoy and have stories to share.

Case 1, Part 1: Haunted – Haunted Badge Scenes: Claire’s Office, Driveway, Ethan’s Room, Pool Cabana, Driveway Case 1, Part 2: Hidden Romance – Hidden Romance Badge Scenes: Ethan’s Room, Upscale Restaurant, Casual Restaurant, Street View, Small Apartment Case 1, Part 3: Proven – Proven Badge Scenes: Small Apartment, Living Room, Vault, Ethan’s Room, Vineyard Case 2, Part 1: Sibling Rivalry – Sibling Rivalry Badge Scenes: Wine Cellar, Vineyard, Study, Wine Bar, Wine Cellar Case 2, Part 2: Ashes to Ashes – Ashes to Ashes Badge Scenes: Study, Winston’s Room, Wine Bar, Stables, Cliffs Case 2, Part 3: Taking Flight – Forgiven Badge Scenes: Cliffs, Airport, Streets of New York, Hotel Room, Claire’s Office Case 3, Part 1: The Cake Case – It’s a Sign Badge Scenes: Pantry, Bakery Kitchen, Cafe, Padeiro’s Apartment, Pantry Case 3, Part 2: Cake-Off – Mother’s Love Badge Scenes: Pantry, Industrial Kitchen, Ballroom, Dessert Table, Living Room Christmas Special: The Christmas Ball – Christmas Special Badge Scenes: Christmas Ballroom, Kitchen, Ice Skating Rink, Conservatory, Christmas Ballroom Case 4, Part 1: The Craven Crime – It isn’t the Illusion Badge Scenes: Le Grand Hotel Room, Cravens’ Mansion, Curtis’ Condo, Cravens’ Mansion, Illusia Lobby Case 4, Part 2: Ante Up – Poker Badge Scenes: Buffet, Illusia Lobby, Poker Table, Poker Table, Rooftop Club Case 4, Part 3: High Roller – Secret Wedding Badge Scenes: The Strip, Casino, The Strip, Wedding Chapel, Rooftop Club Case 4, Part 4: Bad Omen – Spirit’s Wrath Badge Scenes: Curtis’ Condo, Airport, Limo, Docks, Cravens’ Yacht Valentine’s Special: Secret Admirer – Valentine’s Special Badge Scenes: Classroom, School Plaza, Casual Restaurant, Classroom, Party House Case 5, Part 1: Tangled Hearts – Exposed Secret Badge Scenes: Claire’s Office, Theater, Dressing Room, Limo, Love Suite Case 5, Part 2: Spring Fling – Make Up Badge Scenes: Love Suite, Flower Shop, Reception Desk, Theater, Piazza Case 5, Part 3: All That Glitters – Lost and Found Badge Scenes: Dressing Room, Boarding School, Stables, Polo Field, Library Case 6, Part 1: Quiet on the Set – Detective Claire Badge Scenes: Claire’s Office, Police Station, TV Studio, Zoo, Police Station Case 6, Part 2: Last Stop – Justice Over Friendship Badge Scenes: Police Station, Union Square, Train Station, Night Club, Train Station Case 7, Part 1: Tropical Tragedy – Broken Bridge Badge Scenes: Street View, Island House, Beach, Docks, Forest Case 7, Part 2: Tropical Thief – Treasure Thief Badge Scenes: Forest, River, Waterfall, Waterfall Cave, Beach Case 7, Part 3: Tropical Truth – The Most Precious Badge Scenes: River, Coral Reef, Island, Observatory, Island House Mother’s Day: The Greatest Gift – Mother’s Day Special Badge Scenes: Claire’s Office, Spa, Art Studio, Stadium, Claudia’s Home Case 8, Part 1: The Art Critic – The Fake Painting Badge Scenes: Vault, Art Studio, Cottage, Dark House, Castle Case 8, Part 2: The Art Vendor – The Art Thief Badge Scenes: Art Studio, Museum, Restaurant, Mural, Victorian Mansion Case 8, Part 3: The Art Thief, Part 1 – Catching the Thief Badge Scenes: Police Station, Art Studio, Estate, Hallway, Estate Bedroom Case 8, Part 4: The Art Thief, Part 2 – I Cherish You Badge Scenes: Estate Bedroom, Hallway, Woods, Banquet Hall, Bed and Breakfast Case 9, Part 1: The Ghost – A Little Girl’s Treasure Map Badge Scenes: Barn, Wine Cellar, General Store, Bar and Grill, Stables Case 9, Part 2: The Treehouse – A Little Girl’s Secret Badge Scenes: Stables, Lake, Treehouse, Barn, Country Dance Case 9, Part 3: Tokens of Love – A Little Girl’s Letter Badge Scenes: Country Home, Cornfield, Treehouse, Country Dance, London Case 10, Part 1: Unfortunate – The Unfortunate Fortune Badge Scenes: Hotel Room, The Athletic Stadium, The Aquatic Center, Chinese Restaurant, Train Station Case 10, Part 2: Unlucky – The Race Sabotage Badge Scenes: The Aquatic Center, Tea Parlour, London Pub, London, Streets of London Case 10, Part 3: Undeterred – The Gold Badge Scenes: Athletes’ Village, Streets of London, The Countryside, English House, The Athletic Stadium End of Summer Special: Lost and Found – Sisters Power Badge Scenes: Airport, Tea Parlour, Buckingham Palace, Tower of London, Covent Garden Case 11, Part 1: Scavenger Hunt – Scavenger Hunt Badge Scenes: Estate, Backyard, Wine Cellar, Wharf, Amusement Park Case 11, Part 2: Losers Weepers – Losers Weepers Badge Scenes: Pool Cabana, Science Center, Dojo, Farmer’s Market, Conservatory Case 11, Part 3: Finders Keepers – Finders Keepers Badge Scenes: Hair Salon, Bowling Alley, Small Apartment, Garage, Claire’s Office Case 12, Part 1: All Aboard – The Cruise Badge Scenes: Docks, Concert Stage, Buffet, Ship Corridor, Luxury Suite Case 12, Part 2: Cruise Crisis – The Lonely Ring Badge Scenes: Bar and Grill, Deck, Cargo Hold, Mall, Spa Case 12, Part 3: Cruise Control – The Bride Badge Scenes: Cargo Hold, Marina, Wedding Chapel, Waterpark, Plane Case 13, Part 1: Last Words – The Self-Typing Typewriter Badge Scenes: Lake, Cabin, Rural Gas Station, Woods, Abandoned Breakroom Case 13, Part 2: Last Will – The Last Will Badge Scenes: Rural Gas Station, Diner, Park Gazebo, Attic, Cabin Case 13, Part 3: Last Goodbye – The Last Goodbye Badge Scenes: Main Street, Gift Shop, Apartment, Abandoned Breakroom, Cemetery Case 14, Part 1: The Heirloom – The Hummingbirds Badge Scenes: Coffee Shop, Van der Walt Vault, Estate Bedroom, Estate Grounds, Estate Parlor Case 14, Part 2: Catching Up – The Pendant Badge Scenes: Chocolate Shop, Backstage Area, Upscale Restaurant, Wine Bar, Jewelry Store Case 14, Part 3: Family Treasure – The Family Treasure Badge Scenes: Backstage Area, Condo, Estate Garage, Summer House Porch, Summer House Christmas Special: Santa’s Little Helpers – Santa’s Little Helpers Badge Scenes: Cafe, Toy Store, Sporting Goods Store, Casual Restaurant, Holiday Store Case 15, Part 1: First Date – First Date Badge Scenes: Entryway, Teppanyaki Grill, Concession Stand, Street View, Police Station Case 15, Part 2: First Thrill – The Poisonous Apple Badge Scenes: Amusement Park, Menagerie, Magic Room, Service Hallway, Police Station Case 15, Part 3: First Kiss – First Kiss Badge Scenes: Parking Lot, Desert, Shooting Range, Small Apartment, Entryway Case 16, Part 1: The Inheritance – The Mysterious Box Badge Scenes: Upscale Restaurant, Claire’s Family Room, Hedge Garden, Dojo, Lake House Case 16, Part 2: Puzzling Momento – The Carpenter Badge Scenes: Cherry Lake, Garage, Country Club, Bookstore, Hallway Case 16, Part 3: Final Wish – The Chosen Badge Scenes: Fitness Center, Estate Bedroom, Study, Bank, Tea Garden Valentine’s Special: Party Favor – The Happy Valentine’s Badge Scenes: Valentine’s Party, Pergola, Pantry, Van der Walt Bedroom, Mansion Entrance Case 17, Part 1: Casting Call – The Rockstar Badge Scenes: Museum, Sushi Restaurant, Limo, Boutique, Penthouse Case 17, Part 2: Starstruck – The Newspaper Clips Badge Scenes: Penthouse, Concert Dressing Room, Stadium Stage, Tour Bus, Rooftop Club Case 17, Part 3: Curtain Call – The Love Triangle Badge Scenes: Tour Bus, Concert Backstage, Concert Dressing Room, Concert Suite, Lounge Case 18, Part 1: The Consultation – The Humidor Badge Scenes: Casual Restaurant, San Francisco Street, Jewelry Store, Mansion Study, Smoking Room Case 18, Part 2: Buried Secrets – The Recruitment Badge Scenes: Police Station, Funeral Home, Mansion Study, Family Tomb, Brick Apartment Case 18, Part 3: Club Dues – The Clairvoyant’s Journal Badge Scenes: Brick Apartment, Apiary, Stables, Grand Hall, Club House Case 19, Part 1: Inn Memoriam – The Forgotten Inn Badge Scenes: Claire’s Family Room, Inn Room, Spa, Walking Path, Inn Lobby Case 19, Part 2: Keepsakes – The Forgotten Love Badge Scenes: Inn Lobby, Maid’s Closet, Inn Room, Inn Cellar, Rocky Cove Case 19, Part 3: The Lighthouse – The Forgotten Message Badge Scenes: Light House, Light House Interior, Walking Path, Maid’s Closet, Inn Garden Mother’s Day: The Locket – Mother’s Heirloom Badge Scenes: Entryway, Hawaii Photo, Chocolate Shop, Picnic, Vanity Table Case 20, Part 1: Chance Encounter – An Angry Wife Badge Scenes: San Francisco Park, Diner, Mural, Flea Market, Bingo Hall Case 20, Part 2: Runaround – Unimpressive Treasure Badge Scenes: Convenience Store, Wharf, Seafood Restaurant, San Francisco Park, Front Yard Case 20, Part 3: About Time – Listening Is Key Badge Scenes: Front Yard, Living Room(2), Sewing Room, Flea Market, Clock Shop Case 21, Part 1: Night to Remember – The Missing Memories Badge Scenes: Claire’s Bedroom, Troy’s Apartment, Coffee Shop, Entryway, Front Entrance Case 21, Part 2: Misplaced Memories – The Amulet of Forgetfulness Badge Scenes: Brick Apartment, Laundry, Statue Garden, Club House, Rare Books Room Case 21, Part 3: Tracing Steps – The Hammer of Remembrance Badge Scenes: Rare Books Room, Sun Room, Outdoor Bistro, Front Entrance, Hatchback Trunk Club Pogo 10 Years The Photo Album – Club Pogo 10 Years Badge Scenes: Sushi Restaurant, Cluttered Living Room, Attic, Home Office, Moving Truck Case 22, Part 1: Island Getaway – The Tiki Badge Scenes: Claire’s Bedroom, Baggage Claim, Island House, Luau, Surf Shop Case 22, Part 2: Trouble in Paradise – The Journey To Home Badge Scenes: Outdoor Supply Store, Waterfall, Remote Shack, River, Forest Trail Case 22, Part 3: Out to Sea – The Tiki’s Home Badge Scenes: Remote Shack, Shack Interior, Waikiki Restaurant, Boat, Dive Site Case 23, Part 1: Party Foul – The Family Love Badge Scenes: Courtyard Party, Hallway, Bathroom, Vanity Table, Walk-in Closet Case 23, Part 2: To Catch a Thief – The Sloppy Artist Badge Scenes: Marina, Houseboat, Soap Shop, Mansion Porch, Backstage Area Case 23, Part 3: Red Handed – The Secret Couple Badge Scenes: Apartment Lobby, Studio Apartment, Courtyard Party, Front Entrance, Beck’s Apartment Case 24, Part 1: The Lost House – The Haunted House Badge Scenes: Troy’s Apartment, Produce Stand, Gas Station, Abandoned Greenhouse, Haunted House Porch Case 24, Part 2: Trapped – The Angry Spirit Badge Scenes: Haunted House Porch, Haunted Basement, Haunted Dining Room, Smoking Room, Staircase Landing Case 24, Part 3: Breaking Out – The Big Secret Badge Scenes: Haunted Parlor, Haunted Bedroom, Staircase Landing, Haunted Vestibule, Abandoned Greenhouse Case 25, Part 1: Empty Cupboards – The Philanthropist’s Pen Badge Scenes: Outdoor Bistro, Meal Center, Bakery Kitchen, Supply Pantry, Maxwell’s Office Case 25, Part 2: Giving Thanks – The Philanthropist’s Will Badge Scenes: Estate, Pergola, Indoor Pool, Rumpus Room, Awards Room Case 25, Part 3: Taking Stock – The Philanthropist’s Legacy Badge Scenes: Law Office, Supply Pantry, Grocery Produce Section, Grocery Meat Section, Meal Center Case 26, Part 1: Claus Out – The Naughty Elf Badge Scenes: Entryway, Hospital Room, Alley, Service Hallway, Santa’s Chair Case 26, Part 2: Elven Conspiracy – The Poor Nutcracker Badge Scenes: Santa’s Chair, Employee Lockers, Alley, Santa’s Village, Elf Workshop Case 26, Part 3: Who’s Been Naughty – The Lovely Santa Badge Scenes: Holiday Store, Christmas Carousel, Christmas Living Room, Mall Christmas Tree, Elf Workshop New Year’s Special: Year’s End – The Happy New Year Badge Scenes: Bookstore, Garage, Art Show, Messy Guest Room, New Year’s Party Case 27, Part 1: Dog Gone – The Dog Whistle Badge Scenes: Teppanyaki Grill, Country Home, Ranch Porch, Ranch Backyard, Doghouse Case 27, Part 2: On the Scent – The Dog Toy Badge Scenes: Architect’s Office, Modernist House, Ranch Backyard, Doghouse, Pond Case 27, Part 3: Ruff Reunion – The Doggie Badge Scenes: Barn, Barn Interior, Summer House Porch, Kitchen, Patio Deck Valentine’s Special: Penguin Valentine – The Penguins Badge Scenes: Soap Shop, Rainforest Dome, Penguin Room, Science Center, Museum Gift Shop Case 28, Part 1: Tahoe Getaway – The Heron Pin Badge Scenes: Claire’s Bedroom, Woods Cabin, Cliffs, Cabin Exterior, Lodge Lobby Case 28, Part 2: The Heron Pin – The Online Dating Badge Scenes: Lodge Office, Lodge Lobby, Lodge Dining Room, Cabin Exterior, Wood Shop Case 28, Part 3: The Hidden Safe – The Grandma’s Love Badge Scenes: Wood Shop, Jarrod’s Room, Lodge Attic, Lodge Exterior, Woods Cabin Case 29, Part 1: Piazza della Cisterna – The Reminiscence Badge Scenes: Airport, Hotel Reception, Hotel Room, Fresco, Cisterna Case 29, Part 2: The Carved Heart – The Nostalgia Badge Scenes: Hotel Reception, Gelato Shop, Hotel Patio, Piazza, Pisa Tower Case 29, Part 3: Charmed – The Recollections Badge Scenes: Vineyard, Hotel Spa, Wine Cellar, Courtyard, Balcony Case 30, Part 1: A Lady Vanishes – The Missing Clairvoyant Badge Scenes: Edwardian Living Room, Study, Edwardian Bedroom, Book Shop, Brick Apartment Case 30, Part 2: The Masked Man – The Skeleton Key Badge Scenes: Union Square, Seafood Restaurant, Voodoo, Storeroom, Southern Home Case 30, Part 3: Inside the Fog – The Mysterious Mask Badge Scenes: Southern Living Room, Meeting Room, Mausoleum, Abandoned Greenhouse, Edwardian Living Room Case 31, Part 1: Shadow Show – The Out of Shadow Badge Scenes: Beck’s Apartment, Penthouse, Startup Lounge, Startup Office, Bus Stop Case 31, Part 2: Sharks – The Invisible Hand Badge Scenes: Coffee Shop, Startup Office, Chinatown, Chinatown Apartment, Techstore Case 31, Part 3: Shadows Exposed – The Exposed Shadow Badge Scenes: SOMA Apartment, Law Office, Startup Lounge, Auditorium Stage, Purse Case 32, Part 1: Surprise Nuptials – Wedding Planner Badge Scenes: Small Apartment, 70s Living Room, Tea Parlour, Dress Shop, Jet Case 32, Part 2: Mysterious Memories – The Hawaiian Luau Badge Scenes: Lobby, Luau, Poolside, 70s Living Room, Village Square Case 32, Part 3: Beach Wedding – The Beach Wedding Badge Scenes: Lobby, Beach, Maui Hotel, Beach Wedding, Wedding Buffet 4th of July Special: Back from Bagram – The Aim High Badge Scenes: Cable Car, Sporting Goods Store, Wharf Gift Shop, Pier 39, Stadium Case 33, Part 1: Rendezvous – The All’s Faire Badge Scenes: Cafe Bakery, Front Gate, Cash Register, Blacksmith Shop, Abandoned Break Room Case 33, Part 2: The Missing Helm – The Medieval Mystery Badge Scenes: Front Gate, Police Office, Renfaire Village, Service Hallway, Castle Dining Hall Case 33, Part 3: A Royal Forgery – The Historic Helm Badge Scenes: Blacksmith Shop, Costume Shop, Faire Office, Renfaire Village, Castle Dungeon Case 34, Part 1: Florida Keys – The Florida Vacation Badge Scenes: Bn B Lobby, Docks, Vacation Condo, Bed and Breakfast, Condo Lawn Case 34, Part 2: The Lost Galindo – The Maritime Adventure Badge Scenes: Condo Lawn , Cuban Restaurant, Houseboat Exterior, Vacation Condo, Maritime Museum, Case 34, Part 3: Out of Her Depth – The Sunken Ship Badge Scenes: Houseboat, Expedition Ship , Yacht, Satchel, Sunken Ship Pogo Anniversary Special – The Sweet Celebration Badge Scenes: Zoo, Aquarium , Carnival, Picnic, Puzzle Case 35, Part 1: Pioneer Spirit – The Pioneer Days Badge Scenes: Gas Station, Pioneer Home , Prairie Living Room, Historical Society, Abandoned Barn Case 35, Part 2: A Prairie Story – The Prairie Voice Badge Scenes: Sugar House, Country Store , Prairie Kitchen, Prairie Living Room, Writing Desk Case 36, Part 1: Reunited – The Tea Gardens Badge Scenes: Diner, Japanese Garden , San Francisco Park, Haight Ashbury, Thai Restaurant Case 36, Part 2: Early Memories – The Flashback Claire Badge Scenes: Island House, Claire’s Room , Forest, School Hallway, Ice Cream Parlor Case 36, Part 3: Secrets in the Vault – The Secret Study Badge Scenes: Thai Restaurant, Detective Office , Mansion Study, Secret Study, Bank Vault Case 36, Part 4: Country Cottage – The Reunited Badge Scenes: Family Room, Country Home , English Cottage, Country Garden, Cottage Interior Halloween Special: Halloween Haunt – The Halloween Treat Badge Scenes: Haunted Entrance, Magic Room , Spooky Castle, Dark House, Halloween Treats Case 37, Part 1: Lavender Haze – The Petits Fours Badge Scenes: Detective Office, Tea House , Glass Workshop, Lavender Living Room, Indoor Pool Case 37, Part 2: The Unicorn’s Gift – The Lucky Gift Badge Scenes: Art Gallery, Lavender Living Room , Lavender Bedroom, Glass Workshop, Mansion Party Travel with Claire: Garden City – The Travel with Claire Badge Scenes: Hotel Office, Hotel Tea Service , Beacon Hill Park, Chinese Restaurant, Hotel Elevator Case 38, Part 1: Holly and Ivy – The Snowman’s Folly Badge Scenes: Bar and Grill, Storefront , Women’s Department, Security Room, Alley Case 38, Part 2: Holiday Derailed – The Christmas Train Badge Scenes: Shelter Dining Hall, Supply Pantry , Women’s Department, Christmas Window, Utility Room Case 38, Part 3: Faux Claus – The De-Claused Badge Scenes: Downtown Deli, Security Room , Santa’s Throne, Christmas Carousel, Elf Hut New Year’s Eve Special: Tahoe Snow – The Auld Lang Syne Badge Scenes: Lodge Lobby, Old Cabin , Outdoor Supply Shop, Ski Lift, Ski Resort Case 39, Part 1: Mythmaking – The Back in New Orleans Badge Scenes: Hotel Front Desk, Voodoo , NOLA Restaurant, Southern Living Room, Voodoo Museum Case 39, Part 2: Voodoo Priestess – The Unseen Powers Badge Scenes: Voodoo Museum , Small Library, Antebellum Living Room, Meeting Room, Voodoo Tomb Case 39, Part 3: King Cake – The Mardi Gras Badge Scenes: Voodoo Tomb, Antebellum Living Room , Antebellum Bedroom , Antebellum Greenhouse, Mardi Gras Case 40: Picnic in the Park – The Sunset Swans Badge Scenes: Claire’s Bedroom, Bank Teller , Chocolate Shop , Wave Organ, Park Palace Case 41, Part 1: Family’s Friendly – The Brother and Sister Badge Scenes: Plane, Lauderdale Hotel , Teal Dining Room , Conservatory, Florida Sunroom Case 41, Part 2: Sister’s Secret – The Las Olas Badge Scenes: Florida Sunroom, Lauderdale Beach, Lauderdale Hotel Bathroom , Beach Living Room , Teal Dining Room Case 42, Part 1: Seacliff – The Seal Rock Badge Scenes: Airport Terminal, Troy’s Apartment, Family Room , Lo’s Living Room , Lacquered Cabinet St Patrick’s Special: Claire’s Luck – The Luck o’ the Irish Badge Scenes: Beauty Salon, Estate Grounds, Van der Walt Vault , St.The brain increases dopamine and norepinephirine, which regulates the brain’s pleasure and reward centers.We associate the pleasure with the person and thus want to spend more time in their presence.It’s a very simple premise: we instinctively like people who make us feel good.The better they make us feel, the more we like them.

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