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So while this is actually not much of a love story, there's still a lot going on in the film that kept it interesting at almost every turn in large part thanks to the supporting characters pulling their weight in delivering the crazy scenes crafted by Chee K.Like most early Singapore comedies, the authorities are almost always not left spared in being lampooned to look stupid and to speak improperly.If I could but name one character in the spate of Singapore movies that personifies all that is zany, then this character is it, besting even all those created in Talking Cock the Movie.Watching this now, I felt it was probably a little ahead for its time, but managed to pull it off given some creativity in production.

For starters, it has shown that we've come a long way, and in some ways (to the detriment of the current state of affairs), this still comes through as a more entertaining production than some of those produced today.Actually, it's not a far fetched idea having 2 stalls coexisting in the same hawker center in close proximity, as there was one (or maybe still there) at my interchange, where both sides employ their own minders to try and pull business to their stalls, where any passers-by will inadvertently be asked if Chicken Rice is their meal of choice.Things are a little civil of course, compared to the full blown verbal barbs and physical violence, with plenty of colourful vulgarities thrown in for comedic effect here in the film.I told myself that I would give this a chance and see where it went, and the more and more that we talked, the more I realized that I was beginning to like Hallie.Friendsy has been billed as the "Tinder for college students" because you need a.

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