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In the latest twist, it now appears that Bo's playboy son Bo Guagua may be seeking asylum in the US.

According to reports, he has left his Boston home with a police escort after a group of Chinese men were seen watching his flat.

'Several policemen were involved in the case,' the account said, adding: 'Wang Lijun asked them to write "heart attack" in the report. Both children attend British-run Dulwich College in Beijing, where annual fees are about £20,000 per child.

The scandal comes just months before a new president and premier take power in China, a process that takes places in stages from October onwards and which the Communist Party wants to be smooth and orderly.

Many of the key claims over the scandal circulating on the internet in China – including Mr Bo ordering the killing, the way Mr Heywood was poisoned, the huge transfers of money overseas and the previous crimes and affairs of Mr Bo – originate from the US-based anti-Communist Boxun website, which is routinely blocked within China.

However, Boxun's articles are frequently recirculated on micro-blogs within China, which themselves are closely monitored by Communist Party censors and shut down when they relay information considered too sensitive.

The websites described how Old Harrovian Neil Heywood, 41, died from cyanide poisoning after allegedly having an affair with lawyer Gu Kailai, wife of Bo Xilai, seen until recently as a future leader of China.

He was poisoned last November in a hotel room in the mega-city of Chongqing by a henchman of city party leader Mr Bo, using a lethal dose of potassium cyanide – a poison that kills within minutes in tiny doses, according to the claims.

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However, sources close to the situation say that internet rumours so far have been '95 per cent accurate'.Last night, the unconfirmed accounts of Heywood's murder were continuing to run on a variety of reputable and widely-read websites within China, including a major legal site and the political website The family of Mr Heywood, a suave middle-class Englishman who became close to one of China's top political dynasties, was originally told he had died of a heart attack triggered by excessive drinking, despite the fact he rarely touched alcohol.There were false rumours of an attempted coup in Beijing by his allies when he was ousted as Chongqing leader in March, and China's leaders remain desperate to quell party infighting ahead of a once-in-a-decade leadership switch this autumn, giving them a strong incentive to discredit Bo.If true, however, the accounts circulating on China's internet yesterday expose an astonishing scandal engulfing a man who, until recently, expected to step up to the elite nine-member Politburo Standing Committee in the autumn reshuffle.

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