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An Iconclass code or notation is a code from the multi-lingual Iconclass system for subject retrieval. The RKD manages a collection of technical documentation that has been given to us by external researchers and museums or which stems from the RKD's own research with infrared reflectography.Documentation can be accessed by appointment at the RKD.He also expanded the composition at the right and transformed the vista over a distant plain into a view of rocks, woods and mountains.Dating the picture If the painter of the Gallery’s picture based his composition on Novellanus’s print after Pieter Bruegel, the painting must necessarily date after about 1595.When you place an order online or by telephone, all in-stock oil paintings are shipped from our facility within 48 hours.On the day your order is shipped, we will promptly contact you by e-mail with a tracking number and method of shipment.Athough Bruegel’s original drawing is lost, the composition survives in a drawn copy in Besançon and in an engraving by Simon Novellanus published around 1595 – the latter adding the mythological figures of Mercury and Psyche to the sky above the landscape.

Technical evidence In 1979, the painting’s wood panel support was analysed and found to be made of poplar, not oak, as had been stated previously.The painter was probably inspired by the contemporary taste for Netherlandish landscape paintings in Italy. Wieseman is Curator of Dutch paintings at National Gallery.This material was published on 30 June 2010 to coincide with the exhibition Close Examination: Fakes, Mistakes and Discoveries Further reading To be included in L. From about 1814 to 1852, the painting was attributed to Bernardino Luini, but it was sold to the National Gallery in 1889 simply as a painting of the Venetian School. Between 18 the painting was catalogued as ‘undoubtedly’ by Joachim Patinir, a 16th-century pioneer in Netherlandish landscape painting, and between 19 as ‘School of Patinir’.Many art historians outside the Gallery questioned the connection to Patinir and proposed alternative attributions to a range of 16th-century Netherlandish painters.

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