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As described in my last post Slaying the Dragon to Find the Elixir of Life my dominant archetype is the Warrior archetype.

Now let me explain how you locate yourself within one of the archetypes.

This means whenever we deal with anxiety through addictive behavior we have to become aware of it, realize that some kind of anxiety is the driving force behind our impulses and then deal with that anxiety actively but not in the form of masochism but constructively.

The only constructive way to deal with anxiety is being courageous. Sometimes we have to go way back in our past to uncover sources of loss.

Every other negative emotional quality lies in-between these two ends of a spectrum with the perfect middle being boredom.For the vast majority of men, there are subtle yet powerful ways to show a high-quality woman that you’re her perfect “catch”…the kind of man she’ll do everything in her power to get to know and share her life with. Just like achieving any goal, it’s a journey that requires commitment and focus, honesty in how you look at yourself, and (like learning any skill) some hard work and practice.The active destructive way is sadism or aggression and the constructive active way assertiveness which will play a role for the Sex God Project as well. Paul and on a archetypal level not only allowing me to locate myself psychologically but also tells me exactly what to do to become a Sex God.In Jungian depth psychology, the psyche consists of four different archetypes. There are different qualities to each archetype that are extensively described in the book ‘King Warrior Magician Lover’ by Robert Moore and Douglas Gilette. And as you might have guessed it, a well balanced psyche (which I consider necessary for a Sex God) is a perfect balance of all four archetypes.

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