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All race proceeds are split among the six beneficiaries.

See more » One of the final cards to appear in the credit sequence is the vanity card for Chuck Lorre Productions.

In keeping with his practice on "Dharma and Greg" and "Two and a Half Men", there is a different message on the card each week, written by Chuck Lorre himself.

See more » I used to be a huge Big Bang Theory fan for the first three seasons,but after the 4th season I just think the whole series has become a repetition of the same nerd jokes and false stereotypes.

There are way better shows out there(like How I Met Your Mother or Friends or Modern Family) but people still defend this show and it's pointless plot as if this was a remake of Citizen Kane.

Don’t miss the BTN Big 10K event on its new date in Chicago on Sunday, July 23, 2017 in Grant Park.

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